5 Tips To Help Your Garden In A Heatwave!

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Wow! What a start to summer!

While we are all enjoying the great weather, it is important not to forget your garden. With just a few little tips you can help your garden cope in the hot weather.


Move Containers in to the shade

All movable containers and pots can be moved in to the shade. If you don't have any shade in your garden already it can be created by hanging up netting as a temporary screen or by using a garden parasol or gazebo.

Pot caddies are wheeled bases for pots and containers, they are a great way of making them movable. They enable you to move your pots into shade in the summer and more sheltered areas in the winter months. Our full range of pot caddies can be seen in store.

Mulch around your plants

Bark or compost mulch can be put around your plants. Before adding the mulch layer always water the area thoroughly to ensure that there is plenty of moisture to retain. Both Mulch and compost can be purchased at all of our stores.



Evenings are the ideal time to water. Watering at night means that the plants can make full use of the water through the colder night and the water will not evaporate as quickly as it would in the daylight. Watering in the day can also lead to scorching of the leaves of your plants.
You could also consider an irrigation kit. They are a great way to water your garden or greenhouse with ease. Timers are a great way to ensure your garden gets watered every day. Once set up you can sit back and enjoy your garden.

Don't cut your lawn too short

Cutting your lawn too short in hot weather can lead to damage. Leaving it a little longer will protect it and help it retain moisture.
Don't worry if you start to see yellowing patches as your lawn will recover when the weather cools.

Newly turfed or seeded lawns will need regular watering until established. Sprinklers are great for giving a new lawn an even watering.

Some Plants Love Dryer Conditions

There are some plants in your garden that will enjoy the heatwave. These plants include Lavendar, Hellicrysum and Gaura (Beeblossom).

Even though these plants will tolerate hot dry conditions, new plants should be watered regularly until established.


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