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Traditionally, spring flowering bulbs – daffodils, crocus and the like – have been the most widely planted of bulbs. However, over the last few years we’ve seen a significant increase in the number of summer flowering bulbs sold. Even I planted some last year and normally I stick with summer bedding plants and edibles. I planted calla and begonias in the tallest Stewart planters we sell – the callas were like rockets heading to the sky and the pendulous begonias produced a cloud of lovely blooms around the top of the pot – beautiful!! If you’re new to summer bulbs here’s a quick introduction from our friends at Taylors Bulbs in Lincolnshire…


Beds and Borders… Bulbs are superb for filling gaps in beds and borders; tuck them between herbaceous perennials and evergreen grasses in drifts of single species to blend with the planting scheme or a range of varieties to create dramatic splashes of colour. Do remember to mark where you have planted them; it is amazingly easy to forget where they are! Gladioli are ideal for backs of borders flowering at 60 – 120cm they are ideal as a backdrop to other plants and bulbs.


Pots and Containers… Summer flowering bulbs look fabulous in pots; plant two or three different types in layers to create an ever-changing display or pack with the same variety for a simple yet spectacular statement. Plant the tallest, latest flowering bulbs at the bottom, ensuring they are not touching, and cover with compost and a handful of grit so the tips just show. Position the next layer between the tips, and repeat, ending with a layer of compost twice the depth of the top bulbs. Many bulbs are suitable for growing in pots, shorter flowering Dahlias and pot Lilies are particularly good performers. Make sure your container has adequate drainage by adding crocks (pieces of broken pot) or large gravel under the compost. Why not plant a summer flowering hanging basket using hanging “pendula” Begonias which can be grown from corms.


Who are Taylors Bulbs? They are a 4th generation family owned and managed business that farms over 750ha of the British countryside. This year they celebrate their centenary – no doubt that they know their bulbs!! And that’s why we love them, and their bulbs…. Plant a few and I’m sure you’ll grow to love them as well!

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