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Hebe evergreen shrubs are a really versatile and easy to care for. They have a long flowering period and are attractive to bees and other insects so are a great addition to any garden.
Hebe come in a range of varieties and sizes ranging from 3 foot shrubs to large tree like varieties so there is a perfect Hebe for every situation. Its evergreen foliage offers year round interest with its flowers adding extra interest in the summer months. Their evergreen foliage isn’t just green, as foliage can be tinged red, grey, variegated to give interest in the winter / early spring before flowering.

We will be stocking various varieties this season from British company Bransford Webbs Nurseries in Worcestershire.
Varieties include:
Joan Mac
Pink pixie
Purple Pixie
Rhubarb & Custard

Where to plant

Hebe can be grown in both sun and shade, although prefers full sun as shade can cause them to become leggy and may not flower.
Prefers loose, well-drained soil.

Special Care

Hebe have a low nutrient requirement so can tolerate some neglect.
Benefit from being protected from harsh winters with straw mulch.

Planting Companions

Hebe's can be used in a variety of ways from perennial plant borders to patio containers and look great with a variety of perennials and seasonal bedding.


Buy Online

We have a wide selection of pots and planters in store and online ideal for creating seasonal displays!

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