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Dead heading roses, bedding plants and perennials will encourage new flowers to develop. It is also a good idea to spray roses against blackspot, rust and aphids Roseclear is a good choice as it will cover pests and diseases.

Baskets and containers are going to need watering more regularly as much as twice a day. Also remember to feed them too as this will  keep the flowers coming.

Side shoots should be removed on tomatoes and pinch out the growing tip when 4-5 trusses have been produced. Feed on a regular basis with a high potash feed (Tomorite). Water regularly to prevent blossom end rot.

Crops in Grow bags should not be allowed to dry out to help  retain moisture place them in a gravel tray.

Mow your Lawn regularly now at least once a week. In prolonged dry spells set the mower blades slightly higher leaving grass longer this will reduce stress on the lawn.

Any painting of fences and sheds could be carried out now while the weather is dry and warm.


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