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Tips For May

  • Summer bedding plants are now available and it is a good time to start thinking about hanging baskets. When planting always use a good quality compost. It is also a good idea to add some slow release fertiliser and water retaining gel at this stage, but don’t be tempted to put them out until the end of the month until all danger of frost has passed.


  • Continue to mow and Apply a lawn weed killer if required. Feed with a high nitrogen fertiliser Evergreen Extreme Green will encourage a healthy green lawn.


  • Now is the ideal time to plant asparagus, and it is still not too late to plant seed potatoes. Earth up potatoes using a hoe to pull up soil when they are about 9 inches high.


  • Gladioli and Dahlia tubers can be planted directly into soil now for flowers later in the summer.


  • Keep an eye on the weather Frosts can still be expected until the end of the month, have some fleece handy and cover any plants that might be affected.

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