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We don't pay our lawns much attention over the winter. They don't grow all that much so there's not a lot that can be done over the colder months. Spring is the perfect time to start thinking about our lawns again and start deciding on the care and treatment that is needed. Here at Garden Store we have a wide range of lawn care products that can help, whatever the state of your lawn.

Start by taking a look at your lawn and assessing if any damage has occurred over the winter months.


Mowing regularly keeps the lawn in good health and is usually carried out from March/April until about October, depending on the weather.

Spring Mowing - It is important to set the mower on to the highest setting for the first mow of the spring. You can then reduce the height of subsequent mows until the desired hight is reached. Mowing once a week during the spring is ideal.

Summer Mowing - Mowing twice a week during the warmer months is ideal, reducing to one a week if the weather is dry.

Autumn Mowing -  Mowing once a week during autumn is ideal.

Winter Mowing - Grass does not tend to grow much over the winter months, so mowing is not usually necessary. Never mow if wet or frozen as this can damage your lawn.


Moss is a common problem with lawns especially those that are poorly drained, damp and in shade. Spring is the perfect time to tackle the problem. Here at Garden Store we have everything you need to help de-moss your lawn! We offer a range of products including...



All lawns need feeding in order to maintain its health and feeding your lawn little and often is the best approach.

Spring is the perfect time to use a lawn fertiliser. Feeding your lawn will not only improve the health and appearance, it also helps to prevent weeds and moss from getting established in the first place. This process is best performed in cool conditions.

Another application may be needed later on in the summer season if a little vigour is lost.

Two of the products we offer are

Seeding and Over-seeding

Soon after de-mossing your garden is a great time to sort any bald or scorched patches in your lawn.

  • Using a fork, gently break up the surface of the soil.
  • Sow the grass seed as recommended on the packaging of your chosen product.
  • Use a rake to gently incorporate the seeds in to the soil.
  • Light rain is a great way to water your newly sprinkled seeds. In dry periods lightly water for 3 - 4 days.
  • Grass should start to sprout after approx. 10 days.

In heavily used areas, choose a hardwearing utility mix containing ryegrass. Most lawn grasses do not thrive in shade, so for these areas choose a shade-tolerant mix. Over seeding is also great for thickening your grass!



Don't forget to edge your lawn Border Shears!

Giving your lawn a nice clean edge helps define the boundary with your flower borders and finishes your garden off nicely

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