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Now is the time to start treating your lawn if you want lush, green grass for summer

One week, two electric motors. Range anxiety with both! Before I go one word further, let me make it clear: I was, and still am, happy with both decisions to go electric this week.

The first interaction was with a Tesla 3 hired from Edinburgh airport to get me to Christmas Tree farms around Edinburgh and Inverness, and then back to a bedding and houseplant grower near Edinburgh.

Yes, I did say Christmas Trees! We do visit plantations at this time to have a look at the crop we'll be receiving later on in the year. It's a good time to see what's left on particular farms after the last harvest and review the season with the farmer.

One of the farms we visited has gone completely organic and the trees are in great shape, albeit the colour takes some getting used to as currently they are more gold than green, the impact of the organic nitrogen feed being slow to release in the soil. Our farmer friend assures me that they will green through the year, so I look forward to seeing them again this autumn.

The Tesla charging network is excellent, lots of very fast chargers available at each stop and all working.

Second experience, my new electric lawnmower. Having moved recently to a much larger garden I needed a cordless mower, so decided to go electric rather than the tried and tested petrol route. Since moving in last November, I hadn't had a dry day to mow the lawn and, with it being a mild winter, it has been slowing growing up and up, so much so that the grass was rather long by the time I came to give it the first cut.

The result? Batteries (there are two) ran out far too quickly, and I only managed to cut 25% of the lawn at my first attempt. If you're wondering, yes I did my homework before choosing the mower. As I'll be increasing border sizes and creating a cropping garden I know the lawn will shrink in size this summer, and when it does the lawnmower will be perfect, but in the meantime it is going to take several days to cut the lawn until I pick up a spare set of batteries.

Lessons learnt don't let the grass grow under your feet as it takes a lot of taming once you do!

On the subject of grass, it is now time to start treating your lawn if you want to have a lush, green space that any groundsman would be proud of. Feeding in the spring will encourage strong roots and blade growth. Many treatments also have weed and moss treatment blended in so they will tackle the two things that stop your lawn from flourishing.

Other jobs for this month. If you have a protected growing space you can plant tubs and baskets with summer bedding plants.

Summer flowering bulbs, such as dahlias, gladioli, begonias and lily can all be planted now. Hanging begonias look fantastic in tall pots or hanging baskets. I always plant lilies in pots and then position them amongst borders as they start to flower.

And don't forget our feathered friends! With the weather still cool and nesting season approaching they will be looking to us to supplement any natural food left in the gardens.

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