Why you should learn to love May

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When I was still at school, I remember my dad telling me that May was his favourite month.

At the time, I thought he couldn't be more wrong.

How could you like May? August is obviously the best.

Admittedly, my opinion had little to do with the seasons and a lot to do with August being the only month with no school. May, on the other hand, usually meant exams.

But now that I'm older, and don't have to worry about revising, I've started to see where my dad was coming from.

He said that he loved May because everything was still so new.

It can be tempting to get impatient at this time of year, to long for the weather to warm up, the sun to come out, the trees to turn green. In other words, to wish that Summer would get a move on.

But the reason I've learnt to love May is precisely the fact it's not yet Summer.

In May everything is still fresh. The leaves are pale and glistening. Lawns are thick and green. Everything feels full of life.

A friend once told me that as early as July you'll start to hear a faint rustling sound as the wind blows through the trees. This is because the leaves are already beginning to dry out: they've done their job, biologically speaking, and are slowly starting to die.

But rewind back to May and every leaf you see is still supple and fresh. Still packed full of promise.

So, if you find yourself longing for summer during the next few weeks, try and slow down, breathe in, and make the most of May before it's gone and spare a thought to those stuck inside revising!

Nick Maw

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