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In the months of January and February, Garden Store has a real focus on birds and wildlife. We love getting involved with all things nature and supporting organisations who promote the conservation of our native species! The RSPB encourage us to make our gardens a place that wildlife love to return to . With the inclusion of trees, hedges, bird baths, feeders, nesting boxes and other wild bird accessories we can make our gardens a haven for wild birds.

At the end of January we took part in the RSPB BIG Garden Birdwatch. We created our own Heart Shaped Bird Feeders, strung them from the trees and waited to see who visited our surroundings!
Joining the other 500,000 members of the public who took part over the weekend, we ticked off the species we spotted and submitted our findings to the RSPB website. It was great fun! Take a look at some of the visitors to our garden!


Colour and Spot

You can now carry on spotting with our British Garden Birds Colour and Spot page. All you need to do is download the sheet and print off on your home printer. Colour them true to life, or make up your own unusual species.

So grab your colouring pencils and let's get spotting!

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We have a wide range of bird and wildlife accessories instore and online to help you make your garden a haven for wild birds!


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