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The Big Butterfly Count
20th July 12th August 2018

Everyone loves to see butterflies in their garden and out on country walks. They have beautiful colours and patterns and flutter around our outdoor spaces. But, they are not only a pleasure to see, they are also a great way of looking at what is going on in our environment. Butterflies change very quickly when their environment changes, so counting them can help us see what is going on in the world around us!

Butterfly Conservation launched The Big Butterfly Count to encourage the public to help to count the butterflies, to get a better idea of their numbers. You can find out more about The Big Butterfly count by following this link


Butterfly Colouring Pages

In support of The Big Butterfly Count we have created a colouring book depicting these beautiful insects. Make sure you download the colouring book below and colour in your own selection of British garden favourites!


We took a copy of our colouring book to one of our favourite green-fingered nurseries Abacus, based in Lickey End, Bromsgrove. Butterflies LOVE their little garden, especially the huge Buddleia which is spilling with flowers in the summer! We added to their gorgeous garden by gifting them a tall purple salvia. We hope they have fun spotting loads of garden visitors.



Why not make your garden butterfly friendly by planting one of these butterfly favourites:


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