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We spotted the below image of flower petal wrist bands on Tiny Trowel's Facebook page. We love following the Tiny Trowels club and all the exciting projects that they do and decided to have a go ourselves!


This little craft project is so cheap simple and is really fun to do! Follow our how to guide to make these pretty bands with your little ones!


You will need

Sticky Tape
A selection of flower petals and small leaves


  1. Collect small flowers and leaves from your garden. You don't need many. A variety of colours and shapes will lead to an interesting finished wristband!



2) Lay all of your collected flowers on a sheet of paper so you can see clearly what you have. Pick the petals of the smaller flowers to create more manageable pieces.



3) Cut your card in to thin strips, making sure they are long enough to fit around the wrist.
4) Lay the strip of card on the table then spread glue across its surface.



5) Arrange your petals, leaves and flowers along the sticky suraface of the glued surface. Get Creative!


6) Leave to dry



7) Once Dry, join the strip in to a circle and secure with tape.


8) Wear your lovely wristbands... PERFECT!


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