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Lettuce is one of the easiest things to grow yourself. You don't needs a lot of space or any specialist equipment, all you need is a packet of seeds, some compost and a container and you are ready to go! If watered regularly your container of salad leaves will grow nicely on a sunny windowsill. You will be able to cut and come again. If you keep sowing little and often you can enjoy a steady supply of tasty salad leaves for your dinner, sandwiches and snacks!

You Will Need

Container (this could be anything that will contain the compost... an old ice cream tub, an old flower pot, a mug)

A few handfuls of multipurpose compost

A packet of salad seeds



  1. Fill your container with compost
  2. Sprinkle your seeds lightly on the surface of the compost (I chose to do a pattern)
  3. Cover the seeds with a light layer of compost
  4. Place on a sunny windowsill
  5. Maintain moisture by watering regularly
  6. When the leaves at 12-15cm you can harvest
  7. Sow seeds little and often to enjoy a steady supply of salad leaves

You need to wait approximately 2 - 3 weeks from sowing to cropping.

Get Creative!

Because sowing and growing the seeds is so simple, you can get a little creative.

Try sowing the seeds in a pattern... or try writing your name. Then hide them with the compost and wait for your design to sprout through!



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