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Strawberry plants are a great option for beginners. They can be planted in a variety of places from raised beds to pots, to hanging baskets. For this reason, they are great for small gardens and even patios and balconies!

Strawberries are really exciting to grow because they are colourful to look at, healthy to eat and taste totally delicious!

Planting Your Strawberries

Strawberries can be grown from seed, but they often don't bare fruit until their second year. Children love quick results, so, for this reason, buying small plants from a garden centre is a great option!

Strawberry plants can be planted out from late spring through to early summer. You can expect your plants to bare fruit in about 8 weeks.

Strawberries grow really well in pots and doing so enables you to move the pots around to get them maximum sunshine and to bring them in incase of an overnight frost.

You Will Need

  • A medium sized pot or trough ( you can also recycle a number of different containers such as buckets, kitchen bowls, old pots, etc.)
  • Old crocks and stones to line the bottom of the pot or cantainer
  • Multi-purpose compost
  • Strawberry plants
  • Watering can full of water
  • Straw


  1. Line the bottom of your container with your old crocks and stones.
  2. Fill your container with multi-purpose compost.
  3. Make a hole in the compost with your hand and put your strawberry plant into it.
  4. Fill in around the plant firming the plant in gently with your hands.
  5. Plant your strawberry plants 15-20cm apart.
  6. Give your plants a good watering.
  7. Add a layer of straw on top of the wet compost. Make sure the leaves oft he plant are above the straw. The straw stops the fruit sitting on wet compost as well as deterring slugs.
  8. Put your planted container in a sunny position and water regularly. Try not to wet the leaves when watering.

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