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You may have noticed the evenings getting lighter as we are heading towards spring. By the end of next month, you can expect to not only feel the weather getting a little warmer, but also you may start to spot that parts of your garden are coming back to life!
You will see Autumn planted bulbs poking through and opening, as well as birds making nests and buds appearing on the trees.

It is such an exciting time of year and it is great to watch it all happening right before your eyes.

Colour and Spot

We have created a Spring Bulbs Colouring Page which includes a selection of our favourites. Use this sheet to try and colour them true to life or get really creative and make up your own, new, colourful varieties.

Try and spot them in your own garden and colour them as you go!


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Spring flowering bulbs needed to be planted a few months ago, but when the weather starts to warm a little, it will be the ideal time to start planting summer flowering bulbs. This is just a selection of the bulbs we have on offer in store! (please read individual planting instructions)


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